What happens when an Electric Motor Fails?

  • 25% of Electric Motors are replaced
  • 26% of Electric Motors are rewound
  • 49% of Electric Motors are minor repair and reconditioning

Those motors that you are automatically replacing….consider repairing.

  • New 30 Horsepower Motor…….$1,433.00
  • Minor Repair 30 Horsepower…….$635.00
  • New 50 Horsepower Motor…….$2,790.00
  • Minor Repair 50 Horsepower….…$975.00
  • New 75 Horsepower Motor…….$4,090.00
  • Minor Repair 75 Horsepower….$1,375.00

United Industrial offers free pickup  and evaluation.

We will pickup your motor….evaluate it and give you a quote for repair or replacement. You tell us whether to repair it, replace it or return it. It’s that simple.  Call us at 724-746-4600

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United Industrial Celebrates its 65th Year and Expands Leadership Team

Scott Wilshire joins United as VP and Chief Operating Officer.

Press Release 11.1.2018

Koyo Training Seminar

What a great day at United last Friday was. Over sixty of our customers attended the Bearing Seminar that we presented in conjunction with KOYO Bearing. A day of Training…Good Food… and Plant Tours.

August 26, 2016

EASA Accreditation

United Industrial Group has been awarded the EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) AR100 Accreditation. The first company in Pennsylvania and one of the first 20 in the United States and Canada to achieve this certification. The AR100 is EASA’s highest certification for Adherence to Best Practices and Standards. 

January 18, 2016

Governor’s Award

United Industrial was ONE of only four Pennsylvania Companies out of over 400,000 to be awarded the Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence. At United when performance counts…We Deliver.

May 4, 2015
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